BSP Films

Broad Shoulders Productions focuses on top quality independent film production. We are filmmakers, storytellers, actors, writers, gaffers, musicians, cinematographers, directors, and producers, all striving and learning to become the best storytellers and creators possible. We are based out of Logan Square, Chicago, Illinois, we have company members who are establishing their own divisions of BSP in Louisville, Kentucky and Los Angeles, California.


Photo of Tony Mendoza

Tony Mendoza

Managing Artistic Director Broad Shoulders Productions  Chicago, IL

Mendoza is a writer/director/producer/local idiot and is currently the Managing Artistic Director for Broad Shoulders Productions, (BSPfilm) a Mixed-Form Storytelling company here in Chicago.

His next production is Stuffing the Turkey opens on November 2nd at the Den Theatre.  For  more info go to BSPfilm.com

Photo of Alberto Mendoza

Alberto Mendoza

Marketing Director Broad Shoulders Productions  Chicago, IL

Alberto studied theatre at Duke University and moved to Chicago in 2007, and soon thereafter co-founded Abraham Werewolf Theatre and became a founding member of BSPfilm. Alberto writes for stage and screen, and is convinced he can act too (talent representation: Paonessa Talent Agency). Make sure to look out for more of Alberto’s work with Abraham Werewolf and BSPfilm coming throughout the year. Alberto would like to give special thanks to family and friends for their support.

Photo of Matt Gifford

Matt Gifford

Important Title Holder Broad Shoulders Productions  Chicago, IL

One day God got bored and he thought, "Hmmm I wonder what would happen if I poured this whole bucket of awesome into this tanker full of handsome and then mixed in some fuggin tall?" So he got up off his cloud and did just that. That's how I got here.

Photo of Irvin Hubler

Irvin Hubler

Head Writer, online content Broad Shoulders Productions  Chicago, IL

Irvin graduated with a degree in art and a degree in humanities from the University of Oregon in 2003. In 2014, he took up long-form improv comedy, after moving to Houston, Texas. There, he graduated from Station Theater, was a member of two student troupes, two house troupes, and two independent troupes, performing across the Southern improv circuit. He moved to Chicago in 2016 to continue studying improv, performance, and comedy writing (and escape the flooding and hurricanes that plague The Gulf Coast.) Since arriving, he has performed in 2 seasons of Co-Op at The Crowd Theater, formed 2 independent teams, performed at the Del Close Marathon, put on a sketch show to raise money for brain cancer, and is currently in the Performance Level at iO Chicago.


He joined BSPfilm in 2016 as Head Writer, focusing on online content. 

Photo of Angela Vela

Angela Vela

Broad Shoulders Productions  Chicago, IL

Angela Vela is not only a producer but also a veteran stand-up comedienne, storyteller, and film director. Her unique perspective on comedy comes from a combination of storytelling, people watching, and cultural observations. Vela is the creator and showrunner of the storytelling series The Seven Deadly Sins (Dec 2012), stand-up comedy showcase Chicago Comedy Transit (Jan 2013), and the recently debuted Between the Sheets: The Love & Sex Variety Show (Sept 2014). Prior, Vela was senior co-producer, comedy writer, and musician for The God, Sex & Death Variety Hour and co-hosted The Sunday Night Sex Show.


Vela is a senior member of BSPfilm, playing the female lead Amanda/Mom in the 2011 workshop production of Graham Cracker. Vela played the role of Kat in Stuffing the Turkey and has written and directed the short Cool Dog, which can be found here.


She has performed at various comedy, storytelling, and burlesque shows around the city including: The WIP Theater, Proxy Morons, Two-Hour Comedy Hour, Stoop Style Stories, The Blackout Diaries, 100-Proof Comedy, Menage-Ha!, The Kates, I Shit You Not!, The Moth, Storyclub Southside, Vaudezilla Studios, and 1901 Gallery Cabaret. She was a returning headliner at this year's Chicago Women's Funny Festival (Stage 773), and performed at both the 2014 Printer’s Row Lit Festival and in the 2015 Fillet Of Solo Festival, here in Chicago.

Vela is looking forward to reprising her roles as Amanda in Graham Cracker and as Kat in Stuffing the Turkey. She is currently creating BSPfilm’s new quarterly project “The Film Show”.

Sean C. Keller

Broad Shoulders Productions  Louisville, KY

Sean C. Keller is an actor and writer, known for An Empire of Faith, Monet and Relaxed All the Time Guys: Lady Trouble.

Colby Hanik

Broad Shoulders Productions  Los Angeles, CA

Colby is a man of many hats. Which is good because he needs them to cover up his bald head. He has written, directed, produced, edited, sound engineered, and acted for Broad Shoulders Productions since it's birth. Before taking the creative reins at BSP, Hanik ran Gimpydog Productions and Fire When Ready, as well as was the video director for seven productions with Oracle Theatre. In 2004, Hanik won best drama at the DV Awards for his feature film Envying Alice (with producer Aaron Covich). He is a published poet as well. Also, look for Colby as the lead singer and guitarist for The Widgets, a multi-genre comedy band. And if you can't find him there, there is a good chance he is out busking somewhere. Projects in the pipeline include two new short films, a couple of music videos, as well as multiple writing endeavors. He would also like to one day be able to play the banjo. But not today...no, not today.