BSP Films

Broad Shoulders Productions focuses on top quality independent film production. We are filmmakers, storytellers, actors, writers, gaffers, musicians, cinematographers, directors, and producers, all striving and learning to become the best storytellers and creators possible. We are based out of Logan Square, Chicago, Illinois, we have company members who are establishing their own divisions of BSP in Louisville, Kentucky and Los Angeles, California.


Photo of Bryan Breau

Bryan Breau

Senior Member Broad Shoulders Productions  Chicago, IL

Originally from northern Virginia, he obtained his BA in Theatre Arts and English from Virginia Tech University in 2006. He is a founding member of BSPfilm and an Artistic Associate company member of Abraham Werewolf. Bryan has worked with several other Chicago companies as well including: Oracle Theatre, City Lit, Polarity Ensemble Theatre, The Side Project, and Halcyon Theatre. He would like to sincerely thank all of his wonderful and extremely supportive friends and family. Keep an eye on BSPfilm and Abraham Werewolf, we’re going to have some great stuff for you in the near future!


Photo of Dennis Davies

Dennis Davies

Technical Director Broad Shoulders Productions  Chicago, IL

At the age of three, Dennis performed for his family an ultra-meta act called “Imitation of a Three Year Old Child.” It was huge hit. As a teenager, he helped bring The Bard to the quaint folk of central Pennsylvania by co-founding The Shakespearean Troupe O’ Bedford County. Then, in the year 2000, he suddenly and mysteriously disappeared without a trace...much to the delight of his family and friends. Much to the dismay of his enemies, Dennis reemerged a year later recounting fantastical tales of life with a roving troupe of actors in South America, none of which were true. He then attended the Conservatory of Performing Arts at Point Park University, earning a BA in Theatre Arts. He is currently working toward an MA in Awesome. Dennis is an actor, writer and enthusiast of all things artistic. He is an ensemble member of the Abraham Werewolf Theatre Collective. He loves working with the good people of BSPfilm.

Photo of Erin Leigh Crites

Erin Leigh Crites

Purveyor of Make Believe Broad Shoulders Productions  Los Angeles, CA

Erin Leigh Crites is a professional theatre artist, educator, and purveyor of make believe. She currently lives in Los Angeles after two years serving as the Director of Graduate Studies and Head of Movement for the MFA program at the University of Louisville. Prior to joining the faculty at UofL, Erin spent three years as a teaching artist and actress in Chicago, where she worked with more than ten area companies, notably Lookingglass Theatre. Erin teaches workshops in improvisation, stand-up, sketch comedy, vaudeville, clown, Commedia Dell' Arte, ensemble creation/playmaking, and physical storytelling with students, ages 5 to 55. In the past five years she has been lucky enough to study mask work, shadow puppetry and dance in Bali, volunteer as an English teacher in Costa Rica, and travel to both Haiti and Kenya to perform for children and their families in zones of crisis as a member of Clowns Without Borders. Her most recent research and performance has been with the Dario Fo Project, an international storytelling consortium in Arezzo, Italy. Erin trained and studied for a three-year cycle, bring the English language debut of  The Story of Qu, Nobel Laureate Dario Fo's most recent unpublished play, as part of the Milan Expo. Erin is always looking for opportunities to see new places and connect with new people, sharing in the joys of a global community.

Zachary Johnson-Dunlap

Broad Shoulders Productions  Los Angeles, CA

Zach is a longtime resident of the Chicago area and an active participant in the Chicago theater scene. He is a jack of all trades with credits in film and theater that range from acting to directing and writing to tech jobs. He also drives large trucks...vroom vroom.